You Will Laugh

2013 Emmy’s Neil Patrick Harris Opening Monologue (by Mike Tye)

This is great

Check out my dance team’s promo video for the year! Shouts to VSU Modern!

The Dark Notebook Rises (by Kernel Kurtz)

Cyanide & Happiness - The Rope (by ExplosmEntertainment)


4 Year Olds Bucket List - Water is Life (by TheGiftOfWater)

Now that’s how you make a PSA

Illustrado | AlphaLevel & Jeff Turner | LA to the Bay Pt. 2 @AlphaLevelMusic @JeffTurnerMusic (by alphalevelmusic)

Phantom: Kyrie Irving has a MONSTER USA Basketball Scrimmage! (by USA Basketball)

Kyrie is too nice!

The New “Breaking Bad” Drug Lord Isn’t So Scary (by teamcoco)


WSOF 4 Nick Newell vs Keon Caldwell (by mike rizoo)

You don’t need an arm to win. 

Neil Hilborn - “OCD” (Rustbelt 2013) (by Button Poetry)


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